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Facebook Chat Stickers

Looking for some free Facebook smileys? Whether you're looking for a cute little smiley to add to your Facebook chat, or you want to comment on somebody's page with a devilish smiley, Smiley Time has thousands of different Facebook Smiley characters for you to choose from, and all for free. You never have to download anything and you never need to spend money to make your Smileys as cool or as cute as possible.

You can even make your own Facebook Smiley Chat codes, with your very own pictures. All it takes is three easy steps, and you can have your very own customized Facebook emoticons. All you have to do is choose a picture from your computer, upload it to our site and the site will generate a code for you to paste onto your Facebook.

Thousands of people are using our custom made emoticons and thousands of others are taking their creativity to the max, and making their own. Maybe you also want to change your font when you chat, update your Facebook status or post on someone's page. With our Facebook Chat Text Generator we have some super cool text styles. You can change your text so its Barbie pink, looks like you're drunk, or even creates text with kitties. Our text generator generates a code that you copy and paste into Facebook, and lets you have the coolest text in town. Send a personal message, chat or post on pages with your custom text, and wait until your friends ask you "where did you get this cool text?"

For the internet's coolest Facebook smileys, emoticons and text, then be sure to visit Smiley Time. Here at Smileychatcodes.com you can choose between our new large Facebook chat codes maker or our new and improved Facebook chat text generator. To start using any of our tools just click on it from the image selection above and follow the simple instructions given to you on page. Here on Smiley chat codes you will be able to find a great collection of the best Facebook tricks and tips to make your Facebook experience as awesome as it can be.

So if you like using our Facebook Chat tools show your love by clicking the like button or sharing us with a friend Your friends from Smiley Chat Codes :)

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